To meet these demands, most retailers now source globally, but this has added further complexity, and therefore greater risk, to their supply chains.

Furthermore, the ever-expanding range of products, sizes, styles, weights, colors and other SKU variations, continually enlarges the inventory profile of most retailers.

Increasingly, clients need logistics providers who can reliably manage their flows, from source to shelf, and control all other supply chain issues, freeing them to concentrate on their core activities.

Skyways Group supplies strategic, value-driven logistics solutions to the retail sector. The company leverages this knowledge to serve some of the world's largest, most respected retailers, helping them to drive logistics efficiency and competitive advantage across the supply chain.

Our services include :

  • Consolidation centers to reduce inventory
  • Pick-to-zero or standard picking in ambient, chilled or frozen environments
  • Piece, inner box or box picking
  • RFID, voice-picking, pick-to-light and paper based driven solutions
  • Co-packing
  • Home deliveries
  • Reverse logistics