Skyways Group had reformed its Ocean freight division and gave it a new image by making a separate unit under a new name – Forin Container Line in the year 2000.

Our years of experience, partnerships with all large shipping companies and our global network allow us to offer reliable and timely transport solutions on all the world's oceans.

Full-container loads (FCL), less-than-container loads (LCL) or entire project consignments delivered port-to-port or to their final destination, customs clearance, exact shipping documentation, and complete handling of your import goods are part of the Forin Container line freight product range.

One of the niche products of Forin is buying and selling of Export worthy Containers. This division of Forin provides solutions to the more complex supply chains and can offer to deliver goods from/to the most untouched location on the planet. We support your success by optimizing your supply chain.


Full Container Load : FCL is the shipping option that makes up the majority of Fortin Ocean Freight service and it involves shipping a full container as a single unit. For customers this is generally the fastest and most efficient way to move products.

Less than Container Load : LCL involves moving goods that do not fill a container. Cargoes are combined with others to maximize load factors of containers. Combining goods headed to the same region or destination gives customers with lower volume shipments access to ocean freight economies of scale that are normally restricted to full container movements.

Non-Containerized Load : The NCL service covers goods that require special handling not covered by shipping in a standard container or oversize goods that do not fit a standard container. In addition to moving these loads by ship, Forin arranges road or other transport assistance to the final destination.

Other Services

  • Documentation and customs clearance procedures
  • On- and off-site transportation service
  • Handling services
  • Worldwide specialist network